KPI & Performance Monitors

Performance monitoring boards are great way of displaying your top line key performance information. They provide an ideal backdrop to team meetings and ensure your team and visitors can find out performance details in an at a glance format.

Each letter or number indicates the performance of a specific kpi, machine, line, cell or team. The number or letter is filled with numbers 1 – 31 for each day of the month, these are updated daily with green or red magnetic tiles to indicate whether a performance target has been achieved or not.

The symbols then create trend charts with the red or green magnetic circles showing patterns in performance and allow instant recognition of a problem or recognition of performance targets are being achieved.

The magnetic document holders below each symbol can then be used to display more detailed information about each section including targets.

These boards are designed specifically to your needs, they can be produced in with your corporate logo, colours and fonts creating a professional and consistant look to your environment.