Magnetic Holders & Tiles

Our magnetic document holders give a truly professional look and are a hugely popular product, ensuring your key information is well presented at all times.

They provide a quick and easy system for keeping key documentation up to date.

Document holders can be sold separately or we can incorporate them onto a board or display. They are made from 2mm thick clear acrylic and are fabricated in any size.

Available in any colour to match your corporate identity or you can choose a variety of colours to help define different types of information.

They come complete with an optional self-adhesive hinge at the bottom to keep them neatly in place or supplied without hinge they can be freely moved around any magnetic dry-wipe board, allowing you to change the orientation from landscape to portrait with ease.

Magnetic tiles are a great way of applying a title to the information you need to display. You can easily update your dry-wipe boards by adding or removing titles.

Using magnetic tiles ensures your boards never need to become obsolete, you can simply replace your existing titles with new magnetic headers.